Apple’s Software Ecosystem Making More Money Than Most of Its Products

Apple is not only the most economical technology company, but it is also at the top of the charts that include all the companies in the world.

With the wide variety of products offered by Apple – from smartphones to desktops, we can assume that they are behind Apple's record profits. And it's okay, but there's a twist. Of course, Apple iPhones bring in more money. After all, the company is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. What comes next are not the iPad or MacBook laptops, but the combined product of Apple services.

According to estimates by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, analysts following Apple predict closely that revenue generated by Apple services will reach $ 10.3 billion in the last quarter of fiscal year 2018.

The growing importance of services as a source of income is nothing short of surprising. While the Apple market is saturated with devices that offer adequate performance over a long period, it is expected to increase spending on software and entertainment.

Apple is well aware of this trend and is focusing its efforts on improving its services. Its ecosystem is one of the most important factors that prevent Apple users from turning to competing brands and Apple will not allow this handshake to become free.

Official revenue numbers will be released by Apple in just a few days, when you post your earnings report on November 1, and we'll see exactly how much money the software is making.

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