iOS 12 Defeats Law Enforcement’s GrayKey iPhone Unlocker

Apple apparently won a victory while preserving the privacy of iPhone users. Previously, even if an iOS device was secure with a password, the source could use the GrayKey unlock tool to access the content. But that changed with iOS 12. This hacking tool would become almost useless with the release of Apple's latest operating system. GrayKey works by ignoring the number of times a password can be entered on the iOS device and at what speed. Once the password is ignored, the device can download all the contents of the phone or tablet.

GrayKey Lock

It is this last function that iOS seems to have disabled. When the device is unlocked, GrayKey can only extract unencrypted files and metadata, according to Forbes. As any iPhone without an authentication code automatically encrypts the contents of the device, the source can not access much.

No one knows what has changed in iOS 12 to make the unlock tool useless. "This can range from improving kernel protection to stricter restrictions on installing configuration profiles," said Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft, a cyber security company. Forbes.

Grayshift, maker of Greykey, may end up finding a workaround. There are many reasons: he sold this hacking tool to local and national law enforcement agencies.

All of this is part of a fundamental difference of perspective between Apple and the forces of order. The iPhone maker sees privacy as a basic human right and does everything in its power to protect its devices.

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