Italy Fines Apple $11.4 Million Over iPhone Battery Slowdown Controversy

The Italian antitrust body has fined Apple a fine of 10 million euros for its participation in the controversy over the iPhone limitation. Samsung is also accused of charging 5 million euros ($ 5.7 million) for launching software updates aimed at artificially slowing down its handsets.

The heaviest penalty imposed by Apple is explained by the fact that an additional € 5 million was charged for failing to provide customers with clear information on maintenance and replacement of the device's batteries. In a statement, the antitrust dog said the Apple and Samsung firmware updates

"It caused serious operating problems and significantly reduced performance, thus accelerating the replacement process."

He also noted that there was a lack of communication about the impact of software and how customers could restore "the original functionality of the products."

iPhone bottleneckEarlier this year, Apple admitted that it slowed down iPhones with an iOS upgrade. However, he said he did so to preserve the life of his lithium-ion batteries, thereby maintaining his performance and allowing them to work longer between charges.

It's a fair argument, but people were upset that this happened without their express permission. As a result, Apple has been the victim of various class actions around the world.

The company tried to remedy the situation by reducing the cost of iPhone warranty battery replacements out of warranty to $ 29. Later, it also allowed users to turn off the iPhone limitation feature.

I hope you enjoy the news. "Italy fines Apple for $ 11.4 million over the controversy over the iPhone's battery downturn," Techojas said. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know your feedback in the comments section.


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