Trump’s Personal iPhone Would Be A National Security Risk

The president of the United States was imprisoned between China and his country for a while. This impasse concerns tariffs, trade wars and sanctions. Donald Trump, however, seems to have a new problem: his iPhone.

Trump's iPhone now has China and a company that is also at the center of trade wars. A New York Times article recently reported that the US president was heavily using his personal iPhone.

According to the report, intelligence officials revealed that they had "reason to believe" that Chinese and Russian spies would have heard the president's calls and could have access to confidential information. In another interview with South China Morning, Hua said the NYT report was "a false news". He said, "Seeing this report, I think some Americans are working hard to win the Oscar for Best Screenplay."

As for Trump's problem with his iPhone, he would have three iPhones. Only two of them have been verified by the National Security Agency, which means that the ability to intercept telephone calls is limited.

This is the third iPhone that is controversial and worries the US authorities. The third iPhone – not sure of the variant – that Trump uses is an ordinary iPhone that he mostly uses to call people, according to the NYT.

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