BPO services for Mini & Small Businesses

BPO services for Mini & Small Businesses

BPO services for Mini & Small Businesses BPO services for Mini & Small Businesses BPO services for Mini & Small Businesses

Onsite & Work From Home Solutions Provided

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TechOjas - Call center services # Work from Home


Who are We

We are a team who is focused on providing the best of business support to your company. We design our outsourced services to meet your company's requirements

What we do

 We are specialist in working out solution for Mini & Small  enterprises who need these services. However are restricted in using them due to following constraint:

Financial Constraints

Technology & Knowledge constraints

Time Constraints

Hiring Constraints

Execution Constraints


Contact Center Services

  • Inbound / Outbound/ Blended 
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Back Office Support
  • Catalog Creations
  • IVR Support
  • Lead Generation
  • E commerce support services
  • Order Management Services
  • API Integration & more... 

How we do it

We are an ardent believer of the work from home practice. We have highly skilled set of employees and acquaintances who are deeply experienced and

efficient in delivering their work. It helps us in getting matured and expert people who otherwise are not comfortable in working at the regular Call Center setups 

which are abuzz with freshers

What Else

 We have onsite incubation centers with work capacity ranging from 5 to 50 workstations loaded with the latest technology and practices.

We use the latest in cloud technology equipped with customised dialers, CRM, IVRs and easy API integration along with an instant scale up capacity

Hiring & Training

 We are regularly updating our database with the available training resources.

Once selected we impart the best training using the latest tools and situation on dummy software.

We ensure that the training is done as per your business needs.

About Us


Benefits of Work from home

From ancient times most of the work was done from home or from a place near. Now once again companies and employees alike are moving to work from home. There are numerous benefits attached to it.