Who Are We - call center services

We are a team of entrepreneurs and like minded people with a rich exposure to the BPO industry across several domains and verticals. WE are TechOjas.

During our experience and exposure we came across an observation that there are enuogh well equipped players to cater to the needs of the medium and larger enteprises. However when it comes to mini and small industries the contributors are scattered with less resource and using old outdated technologies.

There are businesses who understand that addition of customer support and various other facilities will add to their bottomline and customer retention. This would enhance operating efficiencies and accelerate growth.

However they have their constraints naming a few :

Financial Constraints

Technolgy & Knowledge constraints

Time Constraints

Hiring & Training Constraints

Execution Constraints

This is where we step in for the enterprises.Imagine an outsourcing partner who takes care of your operational challenges, like a seamless extension of your own organization. A partner who develops solutions that suits your business needs. This comes with a no minimum work order bar. We are with you to start with a single workstation.

Our outsourcing offering spans Call Center Services ( Inbound / Outbound / Blended),Chat Support, Email Support, Backend Support services, Ecommerce support services which includes managing your retails account completely across different ecommerce portals.Order Management which includes taking orders on call, Whatsapp and all other digital modes.

This comes along with the latest technology, dialers, CRM and API integrations and data analytics.

We work from our incubation units and also are ardent believer of the work from home practice. We have highly skilled set of employees and acquaintances who are deeply experienced and efficient in delivering their work. It helps us in getting some matured and expert people who otherwise are not comfortable in working at the regular Call Center setups 

which are abuzz with freshers. Although we believe in maintaining balance between the fresh entries with the experienced.

We take keen interest in training our resources as per your business needs.We try out best to put people from your industry to work on your projects.